The Watchers

Come join us for a celebration of our favorite horror classics

Watch as we recreate creepy characters from pop culture. Watch scenes from monster movies. Watch thrills, chills, spells, and more from icons like King, Hitchcock and Gaiman. Watch performances by Kim Zmolek, Julie Istvan, Lauren Kehl, Jen Ryan, Patty Steele-Smith, Peter Amelia, Morgue Anne, Amy Funbuttons, Carla Petrulli, Scandal From Bohemia and Fayden Sparkle. With Jennifer Vining, Tamara ‘The Trapeze Lady’ Dover, and Kelly Ward.


Oct 11th

8:00pm $25 General Admission, $35 Reserved VIP Seatting

Oct 12th

9:00pm $25 General Admission, $35 Reserved VIP Seatting

(Seatting starts 30mins before showtime)

Hosted by Versatile Arts - 7601 Greenwood Ave N

Tickets Here!

The Watchers Cast

Kim Zmolek

Kim Zmolek
Kim Zmolek is a Seattle Based aerialist who performs on rope, Silks and Sling. She is a coach at Versatile Arts and Arcadia as well as a Pilates instructor. She is passionate about teaching movement and vertical technique.

Amy Funbuttons

Amy Funbuttons
Amy has performed in many Versatile Arts shows, including the Seven Sisters of Sleep, and Cirque Macabre's Night Terrors. She specializes in aerial rope and likes to play on aerial hammock as well.

Scandal from Bohemia

Scandal from Bohemia

Fayden Sparkle

Fayden Sparkle
Scandal from Bohemia and Fayden Sparkle met when modelling for a class on "how not to objectify women when photographing them with sports cars". Since then, they have appeared together in the Rush themed burlesque show "Exit Stage Naked", the full length play QWERTYUIOP, and are currently rehearsing for a sketch comedy show in The Rendezvous' Grotto on October 20th with their troupe, Stronger Than Love. They, alas, have no aerial skills and are forced to remove clothing instead.

Carla Petrulli

Carla Petrulli
Performing with Cirque Macabre for many years now, Carla Petrulli loves to include the audience in her performances.

Art imitates life for Carla. When she’s not performing on Lyra, she is a Makeup Artist for Trans Women and many diverse individuals. She thrives on helping others gain access to self discovery and creative fulfillment. You can learn more about Carla’s activities here:

Patricia Ann Steele-Smith

Patricia Ann Steele-Smith
This is Patricia's first Cirque Macabre apperance. Shee's an experenced perfomer, appearing in many Versatile Arts performances, including the beautiful space entity in the Final Frontier show.

Jen Ryan

Jen Ryan
Jen came to circus from a visual arts background with a recreational interest in athletics. She instantly fell in love with the combining of these 2 elements inherent in the circus arts. Jen is currently on a quest to make aerial art that isn't pretty.


Corbeau - Friday Night Only!
Corbeau specializes in single point trapeze and contortion. A Versatile Arts instructor, an experienced Cirque Macabre performer, and an audience favorite, In The Watchers, they will be performing a terrifying contortion based flexibility act.

Morgue Anne

Morgue Anne Morrighan
Seattle's only Burlesque Super Villainess, Morgue Anne fights the good fight for pleasure one article of clothing at a time since 2011. Determined to find and share the best talent in the Northwest. You can find out more information about her events at MorgueAnnePresents

Julie Istvan

Julie Istvan
Flexible... strong... daring... Julie can work magic on fabric, trapeze, sling, and hoop. Based in Leavenworth, she makes it to Seattle every week to train, teach and perform. She's an instructor at Emerald City Trapeze, and if you're lucky, you can see her perform all around the Northwest.

Jennifer Guinevere Vining

Jennifer Guinevere Vining - Stage Tech
Jennifer is an awesome performer and excited to have her on the stage.

Tamara The Trapeze Lady

Tamara The Trapeze Lady- Stage Tech
Seattle’s original aerial socialite. She’s played London, Amsterdam, and France. They’ve all see her underpants. Thailand, Spain, and Italy have all been left more glittery. Her aerial feats leave them breathless. She dazzles with her wit, but her bawdy antics leave them pondering, “Who’s she fooling with that LADY bit?”.

Kelly Ward

Kelly Ward - Director / Stage Tech
Kelly's a supervillain at heart. Her love of dark circus arts led her to found Cirque Macabre with Dreams of Cthulhu in the 2014 Seattle Fringe Festival. Since then, she's performed all over town... in addition to appearing in Portland at the opening of the 20th Anniversary H.P Lovecraft Film Festival. She's appeared in several shows at Versatile Arts, including the last two Silver Fox shows.

Marty Badger

Marty Badger - Producer / Technical Director
A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in a production. As the producer of Night Terrors, Marty Badger is responsible for almost all of it. In addition to designing all the graphical artwork, he'll be in the tech booth for all three shows.