Heart of Evil

Heart of Evil, tells the story of the world's most infamous supervillian, Professor Evil who along with his coterie of villains and spies, sets out to destroy the world. Can our Hero, Captain Fantastic, stop this apocalyptic scheme in time?

8:00 pm Friday Oct 20th and 8:30 Saturday Oct 21th (Seatting starts 30mins before showtime)
General Admission $20, Reserved VIP seating $30
Hosted by Versatile Arts.

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Heart of Evil Cast

Joe Heil

Joe Heil - Writer / Professor Evil
Joe and Jody first met in the Cathedral of Versatile Arts. While Joe and Jody specialize in Duo Trapeze, they also have a secret stash of rope tricks in their arsenal they will be bringing you. We look forward to more Tarzan and Jane action from them for years to come!!

Jody Poth

Jody Poth - Ella Mentry
Joe and Jody first met in the Cathedral of Versatile Arts. While Joe and Jody specialize in Duo Trapeze, they also have a secret stash of rope tricks in their arsenal they will be bringing you. We look forward to more Tarzan and Jane action from them for years to come!!

Leah Jones

Leah Jones - Captain Fantastic
Leah has been dancing on the ground and in the air since she was ten years old. Her serious dance training began in the pre-professional program at Oregon Ballet Theater and eventually expanded to intensive study in other dance forms, primarily Luigi Jazz Technique and funk-based hip hop. About seven years ago, Leah fell in love with circus (and especially straps!) and started training seriously at the San Francisco circus center. Leah now trains straps with Cirque du Soleil aerial coach Chloe Farah and has performed locally and nationally with various circus companies.

Scandal From Bohemia

Scandal From Bohemia
Scandal, the Weapon of Ass Destruction, has been getting ridiculously naked and nakedly ridiculous since 2007. Winner of 2010's 'Most Humorous' award at the Boston Burlesque Expo, and 'Grand Supreme' and 'Most Unexpected Reveal' at Seattle's 2015 Burlesque Games, Scandal's mission is to show audiences that Naked is Funny.

Top Shelf Aerial Duo

Top Shelf Aerial Duo - Spy vs Spy
Top Shelf Aerial Duo is comprised of Kimberly Zmolek and Rebekah Bastian. Kimberly teaches aerial at Versatile Arts and performs frequently, and Rebekah has been performing in Seattle for 9 years. Together they combine their dynamic strength and grace to perform duo routines on a variety of apparatuses, always exploring new shapes and movements that can be created between them.

Frankie Moon

Frankie Moon - Music
Frankie is the drag King of rock and roll. Channeling the spirit of Freddie Mercury simply because we know Freddie would love Frankie's renditions, pipes, and other various organs, Frankie has the pipes to back up the bravado. With a background in theater, jazz, and several forms of dance, Frankie debuted at the Little Red Studio, with a Michael Jackson dance tribute, Dangerous. He has since performed in several iterations of Lyme Time, at the Moisture Festival, Debauchery at Neighbors, with Dapper Down Productions, and other roughneck venues where fans of socially questionable entertainment go to see powerful men sing. "Come on baby, you know you want a piece of this."

Laura Gwendolyn Burch

Laura Gwendolyn Burch - Mad Maxine
Laura is a silk aerialist who loves to create professional and interesting work for every event and occasion. She has a background in yoga, and has been teaching since 2009. She has been performing circus professionally since 2015. Her work explores a love for movement with the artistic curiosity of modern circus. Her creations are bold, exciting, and beautiful. She has performed at venues such as SANCA Seattle, Versatile arts Seattle, the Bellingham Circus Guild, The Mount Baker Theater, Sh' Bang festival of Ideas, The Subdued Stringband Jamboree, The Brotherhood takes Flight, Benefits with Food Lifeline, Bella Circo of LA, and is the 2017 COTAC Professional Silks 1st place champion.

It is with circus arts that Laura hopes to help inspire people to do something that they find interesting and terrifying. Especially now the world needs to be full of brave creations.

Carla Petrulli

Carla Petrulli - Aerial Strike
Performing with Cirque Macabre for many years now, Carla Petrulli loves to include the audience in her performances. Anyone is fair game when Carla takes the stage in her role as Ariel Strike, an Evil Drag Queen, out to “transform” her victims!

Art imitates life for Carla. When she’s not performing on Lyra, she is a Makeup Artist for Trans Women and many diverse individuals. She thrives on helping others gain access to self discovery and creative fulfillment. You can learn more about Carla’s activities here:

Kelly Ward

Kelly Ward - Director / Pandoria
Kelly's a supervillain at heart. Her love of dark circus arts led her to found Cirque Macabre with Dreams of Cthulhu in the 2014 Seattle Fringe Festival. Since then, she's performed all over town... in addition to appearing in Portland at the opening of the 20th Anniversary H.P Lovecraft Film Festival. She's appeared in several shows at Versatile Arts, including the last two Silver Fox shows.

Marty Badger

Marty Badger - Producer / Technical Director / M.C.
A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in a production. As the producer of Heart of Evil, Marty Badger is responsible for almost all of it. In addition to designing all the graphical artwork, he made all the props and sound effects for the show. He'll be in the tech booth for both shows.