$15 - Includes one drink up to $10!


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7-9pm Sunday April 10th

Doors & Dinner at 6pm

21 and over

The Backdoor at Roxy’s

462 N 36th St

The Backdoor

Cabart of the Damned Cast

Tamara The Trapeze Lady

Tamara "The Trapeze Lady" - Emmcee
Tamara is an entertainment legend. She has wowed audiences with her aerial and burlesque acts throughout Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, and the world. She's spread love, lust and glitter from above since 1993 all over 3 continents. We’re so excited to have her emcee our cabaret!

Kelly Ward

Kelly Ward - Aerial
Coming off of directing Masque Of The Red Death, Kelly is excited about coming out from behind the curtain... or in this case up onto the curtain.

Misty Montaigne

Misty Montaigne - Song
What’s a cabaret without music? We’re so happy to present the musical styling's of Misty Montaigne! Many of you will remember Misty as Princess Prospera in Cirque Macabre's Masque of The Red Death. She’s back... and this time she’s damned...

Carla Petrulli

Carla Petrulli - Aerial
In addition to performing regularly at Club Q, Carla is known for creating amazing character based acts in the air. Many of you will remember her 'Teeth' based performance at 'Masque Of The Red Death'. We can't wait to see what she comes up with in Cabaret of the Damned...


Scandal from Bohemia - Burlesque
She rocked the house with Savoy Truffle in Masque Of The Red Death.... Now she's back with more! One of our favorite burlesque performers.... Scandal from Bohemia! You'll wanna see what she has in store for the cabaret ;)

Peter Corbeau

Peter Corbeau - Contortion
Peter is an aerialist and contortionist who will be debuting a contortion act. An upcoming performer, creating an unique special act.... it’s a chance to be one of the first to see something amazing. This is a special moment you don’t want to miss!

Simonne Garrigues

Simonne Garrigues - Aerial
Simonne rides the waves of gravity with her ability to flow and gracefully maneuver on the apparatus. Her seemingly effortless movements are graceful and elegant as she moves into unique poses and postures.

Marty Badger

Marty Badger - Song
A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in a production. As the producer of "Masque Of The Red Death", Marty Badger was responsible for almost all of it. In Cabaret of The Damned, he's going to step out of the tech booth, and onto the stage, singing one of his favorite songs. We can't wait ;)

Stuart Zobel

Stuart Zobel - Music