Charlie and the Dark Chocolate Factory

It's the year 2036. It has been a decade since that first summer when the arctic was ice free. Since then, rising temperatures have dramatically affected the world's food supply. There have been 3 straight years of crop failures, and most of the 8.5 billion people on Earth are on limited rations. However, a source a great hope exists. Run by the mysterious entrepreneurial recluse, Willy Wonka, the last chocolate factory continues to produce vast quantities of Wonka bars. For the first time, Mr Wonka is opening his factory for a tour. Five Golden ticket holders will experience the magic.... will you be one of them?

7:30 pm Friday Oct 14th and Saturday Oct 15th (Seatting starts at 7:00pm)
Admission $20 - includes a Wonka bar!
Performances by: Misty Montaigne, Kim Z, Christine Anne, Jenn Bruyer, Peter Amelia, Carla Petrulli Aerial Acrobat, Joe Heil and Jody Poth, PJ Perry and more!
Hosted by Versatile Arts. Produced by Martin Albion. Directed by Kelly Ward.